EPC - Enter, Pass and Control

What is the E.P.C training program?

The E.P.C training program combines conflict management training with the Team and Individual based Enter Pass and Control (E.P.C) physical training. This enables a positive outcome to be successfully achieved both effectively and efficiently whilst minimising the negative impact on the witnesses surrounding the incident regardless of the level of force in question. This type of training program is imperative to maintaining a successful outcome in aggressive situations for everyone directly and indirectly involved.

Who should use E.P.C training programs?

The E.P.C training program offered by P.D.S is a first of its kind training program and is of invaluable assistance to any organisation or industry requiring personnel to operate within highly visible areas, where conflict and violence is a potential risk:

Program Out-line

Each P.D.S training program offers strategies to minimise the potential for aggression and violence specific to that particular organisation or industry through individual and team based training scenarios.

The E.P.C training program out-line, consists of 3 modules, targeted to the 3 types of violence (Visual, Verbal and Physical), which may be experienced Each module is delivered over 8 hours and is designed to be delivered either combined or separately, on-site or at the many P.D.S accredited training centres throughout the world.

The E.P.C training programs offered by P.D.S are designed to offer graduates the ability to identify potential conflict situations, and using the skills and self-assurance obtained through the training program effecting a quick and successful response, through effective teamwork, which requires minimal force and reduces the negative impact on the surrounding witnesses.

The E.P.C Environmental Awareness training programs:

Are designed specifically to give the graduates a better understanding of the information and warnings they are able to obtain prior to being subject to aggression or conflict.

Note: In higher-level E.P.C courses, graduates have the ability to coordinate team-based responses, using only Non-verbal communication, to hostile situations.

The E.P.C Conflict Management training programs:

Are designed to give graduates the skills to diffuse or control most conflict situation whilst minimising the negative impact of the incident on the surrounding witnesses. Graduates acquire observation techniques and non-verbal and verbal communication skills in the program that are of a benefit to both their professional and personal safety.

The E.P.C Physical training program: is designed using the E.P.C theory developed by P.D.S. E.P.C physical techniques are specifically developed to ensure that during physical conflict circumstances, the candidate does not require superior size or strength in order to obtain physical control of the situation, and are able to achieve this by always using minimum force in any physical situation whilst minimising the impact on the surrounding witnesses.

The Negative Impacts of Conflict

The negative affects of physical conflict on the physical victim of the aggression and the innocent victims, who witness an aggressive or violent incident is well documented. It is safe to say that many witnesses are emotionally traumatised and where possible leave the scene immediately, in most cases never returning until they have sought legal advice.

This type of incident in the hands of poorly trained personnel has an enormous potential to create devastating effects on some business/organizations where conflict has been identified as a potential risk, eg, Hotels', Motels', Casinos', Airlines', Shopping Centres, Security personnel and Hospitals' etc.

In highly visible working environments, it is vital when attempting to achieve a positive outcome with an aggressive individual, to choose a safe course of action, which requires minimal force and will ensure innocent victims within visual contact are only minimally emotionally and visually disturbed, by any necessary actions that may progress.

The E.P.C training program is designed to achieve a positive outcome by giving the graduates a range of options, designed to control the situation, whilst minimising the negative audio and visual impact on the surrounding personnel, through team based procedures involving non-verbal and verbal dialogue and where necessary incorporating E.P.C physical techniques designed to be passive defensive.

Effective communication and team based E.P.C training strategies will assist in minimising the affect workplace conflict and violence can cause to your organisation.

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