Having been involved 'hands on' for almost two years with the passing of government legislation for crowd control within Victoria, I watched with interest as one by one each state of Australia also applied this legislation.

On my advice, long time associates of mine became involved in preparing training programs for crowd control in each of these other states as they all copied the success of the Victorian example.

A couple of years ago when England (as a result a result of the success with Australian legislation) decided to release this concept, of course we sent over our best instructors with our 'Train the Trainers' programs.

Now, with the success of our training programs in both Australia and England, we would be interested to share this research and development knowledge and work experience with any of our associate countries (shown above) or any country that may have problems in these areas.

With 911, Bali Bombings and the Iraq situation causing global attitudes to change dramatically, we felt the need to develop several Anti-Terrorist Modules including emergency evacuation drills.