I began martial arts training on March 3rd, 1965 and this was already my 5th year of involvement within the security industry as a ROCK & ROLL DANCE PROMOTER and several other security perspectives since 1960. 

Unbeknown to many that are involved with me today is that this year is also my 55th year since I began a lifelong interest and ongoing partial involvement in this security protection industry.

Circumstances most recently (January 1st 2015) brought several factions together that sparked a thought that perhaps it was time for me and my now GLOBAL 21st CENTURY BAND OF WARRIORS to reunite and again work together to make the world a safer environment for our future generations – after all is said and done, it is where we began.

For the past 15–20 years as I personally waned off my involvement, I watched with an air of pride – rather like a father does when he has several sons - as my first generation Black Belts took over the reins and all started up the their own security outlets.  Which today have spread all over Australia and many in their role as protectors have trekked off around the globe. 

Those post New Year circumstances had me spend all of January and February 2015 contacting my ‘Brotherhood of Black Belts’(Celtic translation of ‘MACFINN’ Security is the English word equivalent for ‘BROTHERHOOD’), I was simply ‘feeling the water, so to speak’, by suggesting we reunite for a common cause – the response was far beyond expectation, it was overwhelmingly positive. 

So much so I estimate by June 1st (One of those important dates of mine), in merely the first six months of 2015 we are going to be a functional global entity, thus the title;